Diversity & inclusion

Our mission for our work is to launch the next industrial revolution; our mission as a business is to build a company where everyone belongs

As a team, we are all too aware of how much discrimination and systemic barriers have held back untold numbers of qualified scientists and engineers in history.

We shudder to think of all the inventions and discoveries delayed or lost to inequity, prejudice and violence, for example the number of patents filed by Black Americans in the years after the 1921 massacre of ‘Black Wall Street’ dropped to zero, and to date has never recovered to the record high in 1899.

​But this story is not yet one we can tell in the past tense. During the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, multiple studies have shown that women were publishing less, leading fewer clinical trials and getting less recognition for their work.

Our leadership team

All together, the above is not just morally offensive (though it is, in fact, morally repugnant) but also has profound effects on the economy and the advancement of science. Too many industrial revolutions have left behind too many groups – in ours, everyone will belong.

Our policies

  • 01

    We eagerly employ anyone excited by our mission and ready to do the work

    We do not discriminate on basis of age, sex, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, creed, parenthood, pregnancy, nationality or disability. We do, however, recognize all of them and will do the work to ensure everyone at FabricNano feels like they belong.

  • 02

    We are committed to enhancing the diversity of our business at every level

    From the just-out-of-school employee, to the leadership team, to our board, advisors and cap table.

  • 03

    We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind

    We commit to terminating the employment (and vested equity) of anyone who’s found to have made work unsafe for anyone on our team – no matter how senior, no matter how essential: no one is above this.

  • 04

    We offer enhanced parental leave support to both primary and secondary caregivers

    We do this because in our society, if men aren’t involved caregivers, it doesn’t just hurt them, but also working women.

  • 05

    We only offer internships to students

    We believe that interim work biases towards those who are financially solvent and without dependents. Everyone not in school is welcome to join us on a permanent basis.

  • 06

    We commit to ensuring all employees are given an internal mentor within the business

    This ensures they always have a seat at the table regardless of their characteristics.

  • 07

    ​We always follow a structured interview process

    All candidates get the same set of questions and are graded on the same standards, minimizing our own biases.

  • 08

    ​Our compensation committee reviews pay across the company annually

    Assessing compensation holistically (salary, equity and benefits) to ensure that employees doing the same work gets paid consistently, regardless of any of the recognized characteristics laid out above, specifically with regard to known issues regarding pay disparity between genders and races.

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