A sustainable future,
powered by enzymes

Cell-based technology

Startups spent billions to genetically engineer organisms like yeast, fungi, and e coli

Living organisms are inefficient, slow and unpredictable to scale. Whereas the enzyme machinery inside is efficient, fast and scalable.

Cell-free technology

Enzymes are the fundamental machinery of biology

Enzymes must be immobilized to enable reliable industrial application. For many decades immobilization has been a "dark art" used to stabilize enzymes at the expense of activity. FabricNano uses a first-of-its-kind statistical approach: Immobilization Engineering™.

Predictive Immobilization Plates (PIPs)

Millions of datapoints in a 96 well plate

Immobilization is more complex than a single “protein purification” protocol. Purchase a PIP to improve enzyme immobilization outcomes and save days of preparation time in the lab.

Interaction Engineering™ (IE)

Surface mutations that unleash the true power of enzyme immobilization

Leveraging proprietary datasets in enzyme immobilization, FabricNano uses directed mutagenesis of the enzyme surface to turn "good" immobilization into "great" in under 2 months.

Scalable biocatalysts

Materials and protocols that are ready to scale.

All immobilization carriers used in FabricNano PIPs and IE service work can be purchased on the open market at multi-tonne scale.

Let us work on your enzyme

A sustainable future, powered by enzymes

FabricNano Immobilization Engineering™ will turn your biocatalysis project into a commercially viable biocatalyst product.

Immobilization Engineering™

Immobilization Engineering™
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