A sustainable future,
powered by enzymes

Where we've been

The Clean Tech revolution was over before it began

In the early 2000s, dozens of startups spent billions trying to engineer microbes to produce bio-based and sustainable chemicals for the mass market. But these microbes were slow and expensive to scale.

Where we're going

We’re enabling a cell-free future

Our systems convert readily available industrial and agricultural waste streams into sustainable bio-based chemical products. We utilize 100% of the waste stream, thereby lowering feedstock costs as much as possible; all without direct competition with the food supply chains that we all depend on.

Why success is imminent

Built on highly stable proteins

We engineer highly stable enzymes with ease. Using high-throughput iteration and machine learning to adjust their geometry and conformational dynamics, which gives the enhanced functionality needed for industrial application.

The FabricNano edge

Turbocharged enzymes packed inside industrial bioreactors

When we immobilize an enzyme onto our system, we preserve the highly coveted geometry and conformational dynamics that we have uncovered using high-throughput enzyme engineering approaches.

The outcome

Providing a generalisable drop-in biocatalyst for all industries

Describing a ‘magic powder’ might sound wide-eyed, but you’ll see what we mean. After immobilizing enzymes onto our support system they are freeze dried for downstream use in a reactor.

The application

Integrated into
existing infrastructure
with ease

Our biocatalyst can be used in packed bed reactors (PBR) and continuous stirred-tank reactors (CSTR), engineered for scaling up at speed.

Products under development

We collaborate with disruptive brands and companies who are ready for a sustainable future.

We’re looking to work with forward thinkers to help us shape a cell-free future.